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Dermaplaning is just one of many top-quality skin treatments MedSpa at the Park offers to assist patients in achieving that healthy, radiant glow we all desire. Patients immediately notice brighter, smoother skin even after their first treatment.


What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment designed to temporarily remove vellus, or fine surface hair and dead skin debris for a brighter, healthier appearance. Because the skin is exfoliated and surface hair removed, patients find that make-up application is smoother and enhanced, skin care product absorption is increased, and an overall supple appearance to the skin surface.

Who is a candidate for dermaplaning?

  • The desire to have your facial skin be free of excess fine hair and “peach fuzz”
  • Those who do not have an active acne breakout
  • Skin that has lost its luster (dry, dull)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • The desire to improve your skin quality without a more invasive procedure

What to expect

Dermaplaning is performed by our medical aesthetician manually with a sterile surgical blade. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared prior to the procedure. This is done with a degreaser such as alcohol or acetone. With the skin held taught, the sterile blade is then moved across the skin at a precise angle that allows exfoliation and removal of fine hairs also called “peach fuzz.” This promotes skin cell turnover to the outer skin layer leaving the skin bright, soft, and smooth. Our aesthetician then applies customized serums and creams to further feed and hydrate the skin post procedure. In most cases, patients can continue their normal skin care routine. As with most any facial treatment, patients should be aware of sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily.

How often should I schedule dermaplaning?

This can depend on the health and initial state of the skin. Most patients find that once every 4 weeks is optimal for maintaining temporary facial hair removal as well as the radiant complexion that comes with dermaplaning. To further maintain your results, our aesthetician is happy to help you customize a treatment and skin care regimen that is right for you.

Dermaplaning is a facial rejuvenation method that gently exfoliates the skin with the help of a 10-gauge scalpel. The scalpel removes the layer of dirt, dead skin, and vellus hair (a type of short, thin hair) from the skin’s surface, leaving skin feeling fresh. A dermaplaning treatment in Mobile, Alabama, can also restore a brighter complexion and a natural glow.

Dermaplaning is a critical procedure in today’s world, since pollution is at its highest. The pollutants cake onto our skin, which can lead to long-term skin damage. This treatment is a chemical-free way to prevent pollutants from causing damage to your skin.

Which Types of Skin Are Suitable for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is suitable for every skin type. It is not suitable for patients who have regular breakouts or for men with thick facial hair.

For individuals with acne, it is always a good idea to wait until the acne has cleared up before scheduling a treatment session. The method will be useless for men with extremely thick facial hair, because the scalpel may not be able to reach the skin below the layer of facial hair.

It is always recommended to discuss any skin allergies you might have with your skincare provider before you start the treatment. The therapy is particularly suited for pregnant women and new mothers, because it is an alternative to harsh chemical-based treatments.

The Dermaplaning Procedure

The tool used for dermaplaning looks quite similar to a razor, and the way the treatment is done is identical to the process of shaving. The device is dragged across your skin at a 45-degree angle to remove the layer of dirt and dead skin.

After this process is completed, your skincare provider will apply a soothing cream on your skin to prevent any inflammation. The entire treatment should ideally take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

Results from the Treatment

The immediate result of the treatment is that your skin will feel much more rejuvenated and radiant, and you will enjoy a more even skin tone and texture. The removal of vellus hair (also called peach fuzz) also leaves the skin feeling exceptionally smooth.

Immediately after exfoliation, skin is more susceptible to damage by sun exposure and irritants. Because of this, it is advisable to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to prevent inflammation and irritation of the skin.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?

One dermaplaning treatment removes about 21 days’ worth of dead skin cells and dirt. To achieve the best results, come back for another dermaplaning treatment session after 21 days to 1 month.

Dermaplaning Cost

The price of dermaplaning is primarily determined by the clinic you choose for your treatment. The size and location of the targeted areas also affects dermaplaning cost.

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The experience was informative and relaxing

I just wanted send a big thank you to Dr. Park and his staff at The Med spa at the Park for such a warm and pleasant experience last week. Your suggestion of dermaplaning on my face was exactly what I needed. My skin looks and feels so fresh. The experience was informative and relaxing, and I feel so much more confident with smoother, more even skin. I’ve been following the suggestions of your staff, and for the first time in years my skin actually looks and feels beautiful. Thank you again for helping me look and feel my best! I look forward to seeing you again and spreading the word!

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