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Body contouring complaints include deficiencies or excess, such as generalized fat, localized fat deposits, loose skin and subcutaneous tissue, or cellulite. There are numerous companies claiming noninvasive cures for excessive fat and skin, but correction usually requires surgery, such as liposuction, lift and tuck (i.e. abdominoplasty, thigh plasty), or dermal lipectomy (excision of skin and fat). Contour deformities from insufficient soft tissue and fat in localized areas can be corrected with fat injection or augmentation with nearby tissue or an implant.

Body Contouring


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Dr. Park performed a breast enlargement and lift and I am ecstatic with my body now. I was nervous that I was going to regret having implants or that I would be too large, but Dr. Park knew what size implant would work for me.

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